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Daydreams – The Chamber & Instrumental Music of Sir Arthur Sullivan


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 233
Release Date: 2002-04-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871323322
Artists: , ,
Liner Notes

This unusual release consists of young Sullivan’s attempts as a composer of chamber and instrumental music written between 1858 and 1868, beginning with the String Quartet and the Romance for String Quartet. All the works on this disc are proof of Sullivan’s natural talent – fresh, charming and warm.

Yeomans String Quartet
Jamie Walton – Cello
Murray McLachlan – Piano

Thoughts, the Allegro risoluto, Day Dreams and Twilight are unfailingly varied in mood and style revealing great depth.

Idyll and Duo Concertante revel in the assured interplay between piano and cello.

On This Recording

  1. String Quartet: String Quartet in D Minor
  2. 6 Day Dreams: No. 1. Andante religioso
  3. 6 Day Dreams: No. 2. Allegretto grazioso
  4. An Idyll
  5. Allegro risoluto: Allegro risoluto in B-Flat Major
  6. 6 Day Dreams: No. 3. Andante
  7. 6 Day Dreams: No. 4. Tempo di valse
  8. Slowly, Slowly
  9. 6 Day Dreams: No. 5. Andante con molta tenerezza
  10. 6 Day Dreams: No. 6. Allegretto
  11. Cox and Box: Cox and Box: Berceuse
  12. Romance: Romance in G Minor
  13. Thoughts: I. Reverie in A Major: Allegretto con grazia
  14. Thoughts: II. Melody in D Major: Allegro grazioso
  15. Twilight: Twilight, Op. 12
  16. Duo concertante