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Dvořák: Cypřiše (Cypresses)


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 236
Release Date: 2004-06-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871323629
Artists: , ,
Composers: ,
Genre: ,
Liner Notes

Sung in impeccable Czech – a lovely recording in a very special category.

Timothy Robinson – Tenor
Graham Johnson – Piano
The Delme String Quartet: Galina Solodchin, John Trusler – Violins; John Underwood – Viola; Jonathan Williams – Cello

Dvorák never lost his love for his sister-in-law and this beautiful lyrical music, written in the heat of youthful passion, became an inspired source to which he kept returning in his later works, such as the well-known Four Songs Op.2 and the Love Songs Op.83.

On This Recording

  1. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 1. Vy vrouci pisne pjeite (Sing fervent songs)
  2. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 2. V te sladke moci (When thy sweet glances)
  3. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 3. V tak mnohem srdci mrtvo jest (Death reigns)
  4. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 4. O duse draha jedinka (Thou only dear one)
  5. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 5. O byl to krasny, zlaty (Oh, it was a lovely golden dream)
  6. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 6. Ja vim, ze v sladke nadeji (I know that on my love)
  7. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 7. O zlata roze, spanila (O charming golden rose)
  8. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 8. O nasi lasce nekvete (Never will love lead us)
  9. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 9. Kol domu se ted' potacim (I wander oft)
  10. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 10. Me casto tyra pochyba (Tormented oft by doubt)
  11. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 11. Me srdce casto v bolesti (Downcast am I)
  12. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 12. Zde hledim na ten drahy list (Here gaze I)
  13. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 13. Na horach ticho a v udoli ticho (Everything's still)
  14. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 14. Zde v lese u potoka (In deepest forest glade)
  15. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 15. Mou celou dusi zadumne (Painful emotions pierce my soul)
  16. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 16. Tam stoji stara skala (There stands an ancient rock)
  17. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 17. Nad krajem vevodi lehky spanek (Nature lies peaceful)
  18. Cyprise (Cypresses): No. 18. Ty se ptas proc moje zpevy bouri (You are asking why)
  19. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 1. I Know That on My Love
  20. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 2. Death Reigns
  21. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 3. When Thy Sweet Glances
  22. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 4. Never Will Love Lead Us
  23. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 5. Here Gaze I
  24. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 6. O Charming Golden Rose
  25. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 7. I Wander Oft
  26. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 8. In Deepest Forest Glade
  27. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 9. Thou Only Dear One
  28. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 10. There Stands an Ancient Rock
  29. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 11. Nature Lies Peaceful
  30. Ohlas pisni (Echo of Songs): No. 12. You are Asking Why