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Federico Mompou. Selected Works for piano solo Vol. 2


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 0155
Release Date: 2015-12-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871015524
Liner Notes

Clélia Iruzun, piano

  • Cançons i Danses VII–XIV
  • Scènes d’enfants
  • Musica Callada
  • Trois Variations

A follow-up to the successful release of the first volume of piano music by Federico Mompou (SOMMCD 0121) with Clélia Iruzun, Volume II continues with thirty more tracks of hauntingly beautiful and memorable music by this unique Spanish composer and pianist who died in 1987 aged 94. A recluse who rarely appeared in public, Mompou wrote music which since its first appearance, over 100 years ago, has been widely appreciated for its wonderful fusion of colour, mood and intimate characterisation. The music in this collection is wide-ranging and contains many examples of Mompou’s remarkable individuality as a composer.

“… so movingly and faithfully captured by Clelia Iruzun… wherever you turn you will find an unfailing lucidity and affection. Nothing is forced or exaggerated. Never for a moment do you hear the smart metropolitan aplomb of an over-seasoned concert pianist. It is as if she is sharing a special love with a small circle of intimate friends. To crown it all, Iruzun’s always apt and beautiful sonority is ideally captured by SOMM. A memorable issue”. Bryce Morrison, Gramophone.

A brief quote from Robert Matthew-Walker’s notes describes Mompou’s music  very aptly: “his music is not that of a heart-on-sleeve Romantic composer, for his creative heart lies elsewhere;  his is not music for every day, but it speaks to us all in our private moments, those moments of reflection and solitude.”  Mompou himself believed that his work might fall into three groups: the first being the essence of rural Catalan scenery: suburbs, distant scenes of children and Fiestas. The second group includes those pieces inspired more by human nature, perhaps secret and mysterious: charms, Chants Magics, essentially quiet music, and the music of the third group being linked directly to Catalan folklore: songs and dances.

Clélia Iruzun
With her combination of colourful Brazilian spirit and musicianship, London-based pianist Clélia Iruzun is one of the most exciting musicians to emerge onto the international scene in recent years.

Clélia studied at the School of Music at Rio de Janeiro Federal University and at the Royal Academy of Music graduating with the Recital Diploma and several prizes. She has also worked with prestigious pianists such as Nelson Freire, Jaques Klein, Stephen Kovacevich and Fou Ts’Ong and the prestigious Brazilian teacher Mercés de Silva Telles in Paris. Great Brazilian composers such as Francisco Mignone and Marlos Nobre have dedicated works to her. She has won major prizes in her native Brazil and in international competitions such as the Santander and Zaragoza in Spain.

Iruzun leads a busy international career as soloist having performed in almost all the major London venues, in Europe, the Americas and Asia, including concerts at the Grand Theatre in Shanghai, the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, Konserthusets in Gothenburg and Stockholm and appearances with the Poznan Philharmonic and in her native Brazil where she tours every year. She has featured several times on radio and television in several countries, including broadcasts for BBC Radio 3. Her wide-ranging discography extends from Latin American composers to the Mendelssohn Concertos, including Maconchy’s Concertino with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and piano music by Marlos Nobre and Ernesto Nazareth’s Portrait of Rio.

On This Recording

  1. Cancion y danza No. 7
  2. Cancion y danza No. 8
  3. Cancion y danza No. 9
  4. Cancion y danza No. 10
  5. Cancion y danza No. 11
  6. Cancion y Danza No. 12
  7. Cancion y Danza No. 14
  8. Scenes d'enfants: Cris dans la rue
  9. Scenes d'enfants: Jeux sur la plage
  10. Scenes d'enfants: Jeu II
  11. Scenes d'enfants: Jeu III
  12. Scenes d'enfants: Jeunes Filles au Jardin
  13. Musica callada: I. Angelico
  14. Musica callada: II. Lent
  15. Musica callada: III. Placide
  16. Musica callada: IV. Afflitto e penoso
  17. Musica callada: V. (legato metallico)
  18. Musica callada: VI. Lento
  19. Musica callada: VII. Lento
  20. Musica callada: VIII. Semplice
  21. Musica callada: IX. Lento
  22. Fantasia sobre Au clair de la lune
  23. Glossa sobre Au clair de la lune
  24. Tango
  25. 3 Variations: Theme
  26. 3 Variations: Variation 1: Les soldats
  27. 3 Variations: Variation 2: Courtoisie
  28. 3 Variations: Variation 3: Nocturne
  29. Chanson de berceau
  30. El pont de Montjuic