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Joubert: Chamber & Instrumental Music


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 060-2
Release Date: 2007-02-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871306028
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Composers: , , , , ,
Genre: ,
Liner Notes

It was with great enthusiasm that SOMM embarked on this project – Joubert celebrates his 80th birthday in March 2007. Joubert is no stranger to music lovers. He is a prolific composer whose carol Torches, a miniature gem, has become a favourite throughout the Christian world. The first of our two discs is devoted to Joubert’s chamber music with a superb performance of his 2nd String Quartet by the Brodsky Quartet. The second disc features the Lyric Fantasy played by Mark Bebbington and the three Piano Sonatas played by John McCabe.

Brodsky Quartet: Patricia Rozario – Soprano
David Chadwick – Violin
Anna Joubert – Cello,
John McCabe, Mark Bebbington – Piano.

On This Recording

  1. Lyric Fantasy on Themes from Jane Eyre: Lyric Fantasy on Themes from Jane Eyre, Op. 144
  2. String Quartet No. 2: I. Moderato: poco lento
  3. Piano Sonata No. 1 in One Movement: Piano Sonata No. 1 in One Movement, Op. 24
  4. String Quartet No. 2: II. Allegro vivace
  5. Piano Sonata No. 2: I. Moderato: Poco allegro
  6. String Quartet No. 2: III. Adagio
  7. Piano Sonata No. 2: II. Presto
  8. String Quartet No. 2: IV. Allegretto
  9. Landscapes: No. 1. Adlestrop
  10. Piano Sonata No. 2: III. Poco lento
  11. Landscapes: No. 2. The Pylons
  12. Piano Sonata No. 3: I. Poco allegro appassionato
  13. Landscapes: No. 3. Beleaguered Cities
  14. Piano Sonata No. 3: II. Lento e calmo - Allegretto agitato - Lento e calmo
  15. Landscapes: No. 4. The Corner Stone
  16. Piano Sonata No. 3: III. Alla marcia
  17. Landscapes: No. 5. In Time of "The Breaking of Nations"
  18. Piano Trio: I. Aria
  19. Piano Trio: II. Sonata
  20. Piano Trio: III. Passacaglia