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Mendelssohn Organ Works Volume 4


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 053
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871305328
Liner Notes

This is a very special edition in five volumes of researched, corrected and edited material by Professor Christian Martin Schmidt. Played on six romantic English organs.

Jennifer Bate – Organ

Of all five volumes, Jennifer Bate said: “It is a real priviledge and a life’s ambition for me to undertake this recording project, and my main aim has been to be faithful to Mendelssohn’s original scores, now encapsulated in the new edition”.

On This Recording

  1. Organ Sonata: I. Allegro con brio
  2. Organ Sonata: II. Andante religioso
  3. Organ Sonata: III. Allegretto
  4. Organ Sonata: IV. Allegro maestoso e vivace
  5. Andante sostenuto: Andante sostenuto in F Minor (second version of Fugue in F Minor)
  6. Andante: Andante in D Major
  7. 5 Little Pieces: 5 Little Pieces: No. 1. Fugue in D Minor
  8. Passacaglia: Passacaglia in C Minor
  9. Fughetta: Fughetta in D Major
  10. Prelude: Prelude in C Minor
  11. Fantasia and Fugue on subject of Sinfonia No. 12: Fantasia and Fugue on subject of Sinfonia No. 12 in G Minor
  12. Fantasia and Fugue on subject of Sinfonia No. 12: Fugue (fragment)
  13. Fantasia and Fugue on subject of Sinfonia No. 12: Fugue (completed by J. Bate)
  14. 3 Little Pieces: 3 Little Pieces: No. 2. Allegretto in D Minor
  15. Organ Sonata: Organ Sonata in A Major, Op. 65, No. 3, MWV W58: I. Con moto maestoso
  16. Andante con moto: Andante con moto in A Major
  17. 3 Preludes and Fugues: 3 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 37: No. 1. Fugue in C Minor, MWV W18
  18. Chorale: Chorale in D Major
  19. Organ Sonata: I. Grave -
  20. Organ Sonata: I. Andante con moto
  21. Moderato: Moderato in C Major
  22. 2 Pieces: 2 Pieces: No. 1. Andante in D Major (fragment)