Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Piano Music by Jean-Michel Damase


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 034
Release Date: 2003-08-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871303423
Liner Notes

Damas’es compositional style is akin to Debussy’s, Ravel’s, Poulenc’s and Prokofiev’s but it becomes obvious, even from his earlier work for piano (Thème et Variations – 1956) that he is perfectly able to weld them into a convincing vehicle couched in his own brand of persuasive language. Warmly tonal, this deftly-delineated music strikes immediately with its characteristically “French” timbres.

The Introduction et Allegro with its harp-like opening immediately brings to mind Ravel’s work of the same title. The Sonata is written in the neoclassical idiom, much in the manner of Prokofiev. Apparition has a lovely serene melody whilst the Etudes are perfect in balance and articulation. The Sonatina is very typical of this composer’s style – easy, fluent, and elegant.

Nicholas Unwin, well established pianist, plays with great versatility and style.

On This Recording

  1. Introduction et Allegro
  2. Theme et Variations: Andante
  3. Theme et Variations: Allegro moderato
  4. Theme et Variations: Poco più mosso
  5. Theme et Variations: Plus calme
  6. Theme et Variations: Tempo du theme
  7. Theme et Variations: Allegro
  8. Theme et Variations: (Allegro)
  9. Theme et Variations: Moderato
  10. Theme et Variations: Poco più lento
  11. Theme et Variations: Allegretto tranquillo
  12. Theme et Variations: A tempo poco pui mosso
  13. Theme et Variations: Moderato
  14. Theme et Variations: Poco più mosso
  15. Theme et Variations: Allegro ma non troppo
  16. Theme et Variations: Molto moderato
  17. Piano Sonata: I. Allegro
  18. Piano Sonata: II. Andante
  19. Piano Sonata: III. Alllegro
  20. Apparition
  21. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 1: Allegro
  22. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 2: Allegretto
  23. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 3: Vivace
  24. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 4: Scherzando
  25. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 5: Allegro deciso
  26. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 6: Andantino
  27. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 7: Allegro vivo
  28. 8 Etudes: Etude No. 8: Presto
  29. Piano Sonatine: I. Moderato
  30. Piano Sonatine: II. Andante
  31. Piano Sonatine: III. Allegro