Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

The King of the Golden River



Celebrating the centenary of John Ruskin

Richard Edgar-Wilson, Coull Quartet. With her setting of The King of The Golden River, composer Sarah Rodgers pays affectionate tribute to Victorian writer John Ruskin whose centenary falls in the year 2000. The disc also includes other premier recordings of songs by Bax and Rubbra as well as Vaughan Williams’s immortal On Wenlock Edge.

Richard Edgar-Wilson Tenor
Coull Quartet
James Lisney Piano

“What riches there are in the combination of tenor and strings! Rubbra’s Spenser Love Sonnets glows here with an inner luminosity that is quite haunting and the two Medieval Songs are a real discovery. Richard Edgar-Wilson’s high tenor, never sounding forced, proves an admirable vehicle for this very English lyrical intensity” -Gramophone

“Rodgers is clearly a fine composer with a sincerity especially welcome these days” -Classic CD

On This Recording

  1. The King of the Golden River: I. The Treasure Valley
  2. The King of the Golden River: II. The King of the Golden River
  3. The King of the Golden River: III. The Black Brothers
  4. O Mistress mine
  5. My eyes for beauty pine
  6. Amoretti: I. Sonnett LXXVIII
  7. Amoretti: II. Sonnett LXX
  8. Amoretti: III. Sonnett LXXXIX
  9. Amoretti: IV. Sonnett XXXVII
  10. Amoretti: V. Sonnett XL
  11. Ave Maria Gratia Plena: I. O my deir Hert
  12. Ave Maria Gratia Plena: II. O excellent Virgin Princess
  13. On Wenlock Edge: No. 1. On Wenlock Edge
  14. On Wenlock Edge: No. 2. From far, from eve and morning
  15. On Wenlock Edge: No. 3. Is my team ploughing?
  16. On Wenlock Edge: No. 4. Oh, when I was in love with you
  17. On Wenlock Edge: No. 5. Bredon Hill
  18. On Wenlock Edge: No. 6. Clun