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British Music Society Enjoys Composers At The Savile Club

British Music Society review for Alexander Karpeyev and his Composers at the Savile Club recording!

“Mr Karpeyev has chosen a fine programme of works demonstrating great variety of style and tempo, some energetic from the start, others introspective, others showing brilliant scalar passages, some with folk-song character, others with a simple melody above a homophonic accompaniment. An unexpected delight on this disc is Roy Douglas’s piano-solo arrangement of the ‘Popular Song’ movement of Walton’s Façade. Most of the works here were new to me, and as such are musically rewarding to the ear. The contrast in style and melodic shapes and rhythmic design serves the disc well in offering differing moods on each new track, always creating interest throughout the generous 65 minutes of repertoire. … I truly enjoyed the wide spectrum of music from Benjamin’s Scherzino to Elgar’s In Smyrna to Stanford’s Four Irish Dances to Howells’ Procession. … You will enjoy [Karpeyev’s] skill at all dynamic levels and tempi as he weaves the differing styles present in this repertoire.”

—John Dressler, British Music Society

Full review in the November 2019 issue of British Music Society’s E-News