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Gramophone Reviews Hoffmeister’s Magic Flute

Gramophone Magazine’s David Threasher reviews Hoffmeister’s Magic Flute, Vol. One from Boris Bizjack, Lana Trotvšek, and the Piatti Quartet in the November 2020 issue:

“In a recent blog for the Gramophone website, Bizjak writes that this music ‘is well composed, flows so well and has such freshness and originality’. Certainly the Quartet that opens the disc revels in the chromatic shadings offered by its C minor tonality. … In Hausmusik such as this, the challenge falls firmly on the performers rather than the listeners, and Bizjak, Trotovšek and their accomplices in the Piatti Quartet meet the music’s technical demands admirably.”

—David Threasher, Gramophone

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