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A Peter Warlock Christmas



Peter Warlock has been described as a supreme carrolist of the century, perhaps of all time. Included on this disc are all his carols and some transcriptions suitable for Christmas tide.They are all lovely to sing and to listen to, and are superbly performed by the Allegri Singers directed by Louis Halsey.

Allegri Singers
Louis Halsey – Conductor
Margaret Cable – Mezzo-soprano
Rosamunde String Quartet
Matthew Morley – Organ
Rosemary Barnes – Piano

On This Recording

  1. Benedicamus Domino
  2. A Cornish Carol
  3. A Cornish Christmas Carol
  4. Corpus Christi
  5. I Saw a Fair Maiden
  6. As Dew in Aprylle: As Dewe in Aprylle
  7. The Birds
  8. Carillon Carilla: Carillon, Carilla
  9. : Adam Lay Ybounden
  10. The Rich Cavalcade
  11. Song for Christmas Day
  12. The Five Lesser Joys of Mary
  13. Out of the Orient Crystal Skies: Out of the Orient Crystal Skies (arr. P. Warlock for choir)
  14. My little sweet darling
  15. Born is the Babe
  16. Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sung
  17. Where Riches Is Everlastingly
  18. What cheer? Good cheer!
  19. The Frostbound Wood: The frostbound wood
  20. The First Mercy
  21. Bethlehem Down
  22. Tyrly Tyrlow
  23. Balulalow
  24. The Sycamore Tree