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Edward Elgar and His Peers: The Art of the Military Band


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 0170
Release Date: 2017-06-30
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871017023
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Liner Notes

A unique collection of music arranged or expressly composed by Elgar for Military Band. Featuring music by some of his peers, notably Sir Thomas Beecham and Vaughan Williams, this new release includes two first recordings that are real gems: Elgar's With Proud Thanksgiving from 1920 and The Queen Alexandra Memorial Ode from 1932 with the London Symphonic Concert Band and the Joyful Company of Singers conducted by Tom Higgins.

In January 1920 Elgar began arranging, for Chorus and Military Band, a much-shortened version of ‘For the Fallen’ from his Spirit of England. These were wartime settings of verses by Laurence Binyon. This new version had been commissioned to be performed at the unveiling of the Cenotaph in London on 11 November 1920 and was arranged, for Military Band, by Frank Winterbottom. As it was, the ceremony at the Cenotaph was curtailed and Elgar’s music never performed. Although he arranged With Proud Thanksgiving for orchestral accompaniment, this is the first time the listener can hear how Elgar originally conceived the piece. Twelve years later Elgar set, for similar forces, a poem by John Masefield, the Poet Laureate, written to commemorate the unveiling of the memorial to the dowager Queen Alexandra who had died in 1925. Unfortunately, the arrangement for Military Band has been lost and conductor Tom Higgins has made his own arrangement especially for this recording. Arrangements of Pomp and Circumstance Marches two and five are also included as is the version for Military Band of Elgar’s Severn Suite from 1930 and his arrangement of two Bach Chorales originally performed from the top of the tower of Worcester Cathedral in 1911. Elgar’s contemporaries are represented by Vaughan Williams his well-known Sea Songs and the complex and challenging Toccata Marziale. The disc is completed by the premiere recording of Sir Thomas Beecham’s March from 1946 and Walton O’Donnell’s charming Three Humoresques from 1923.

On This Recording

  1. Elgar/Evans: Pmp and Circumstance March No 2 1901
  2. Sir Thomas Beecham: March 1947
  3. Bach/Elgar - The Tower Chorales 1911: O Mensch, bewein dein Sünde groß
  4. Bach/Elgar - The Tower Chorales 1911: O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
  5. Elgar/Winterbottom: With Proud Thanksgiving 1920
  6. Walton O'Donnell - Three Humoresques 1923: I. Pride and Prejudice
  7. Walton O'Donnell - Three Humoresques 1923: II. Prevarication
  8. Walton O'Donnell - Three Humoresques 1923: III. Petulance and Persuasion
  9. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Sea Songs 1923
  10. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Toccata Marziale 1924
  11. Elgar/Geehl - Severn Suite 1930: I. Worcester Cathedral
  12. Elgar/Geehl - Severn Suite 1930: II. Tournament
  13. Elgar/Geehl - Severn Suite 1930: III. The Cathedral
  14. Elgar/Geehl - Severn Suite 1930: IV. In The Commandery
  15. Elgar/Geehl - Severn Suite 1930: V. Coda
  16. Elgar/Higgins: So Many True Princesses Who Have Gone 1932
  17. Elgar/Higgins: Pomp and Circumstance March No5 1930