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Franz Schubert New Perspectives, Volume 1



We are proud to announce a series of six recordings with the young rising star, German soprano Dorothee Jansen and the distinguished composer and pianist Francis Grier. The series aims to flesh out Schubert’s rather hazy profile by presenting selections from the composer’s œuvre against the backdrop of his life, career and personal friendships. The main work in this CD is The Therese Grob Songbook, recorded here for the first time, and it vividly illustrares the composer’s failed youthful love affair with Therese Grob.

Dorothee Jansen – Soprano
Francis Grier – Piano

“How often does one get to hear a young singer of such musical intelligence and charisma?” – Review from Jansen-Grier Duo’s Schubert Recital at Bayreuth during the first week of the Festival in July 2000.

On This Recording

  1. Am ersten Maimorgen: Am ersten Maimorgen, D. 344
  2. Gott im Fruhlinge: Gott im Fruhlinge, D. 448
  3. An die Natur: An die Natur, D. 372
  4. Pflugerlied: Pflugerlied, D. 392
  5. Mailied: Mailied, D. 503 (3rd setting)
  6. Lied, "Ins stille Land": Lied, "Ins stille Land", D. 403 (1st version)
  7. Der Herbstabend: Der Herbstabend, D. 405
  8. Der Leidende: Der Leidende, D. 432b
  9. Klage (Dein Silber schien durch Eichengrun): Klage (Dein Silber schien durch Eichengrun), D. 436
  10. Am Grabe Anselmos: Am Grabe Anselmos, Op. 6, No. 3, D. 504
  11. Am Tage aller Seelen: Am Tage aller Seelen, D. 343, "Litanei auf das Fest aller Seelen"
  12. Edone: Edone, D. 445
  13. Zufriedenheit: Zufriedenheit, D. 501 (2nd setting)
  14. Lied aus der Ferne: Lied aus der Ferne, D. 107
  15. Trauer der Liebe: Trauer der Liebe, D. 465
  16. Andenken: Andenken, D. 99
  17. Klage: Klage, D. 292
  18. Gretchen am Spinnrade: Gretchen am Spinnrade, Op. 2, D. 118
  19. Der Jungling am Bache: Der Jungling am Bache, D. 192 (2nd setting)
  20. An den Fruhling: An den Fruhling, Op. 172, No. 5, D. 283a (1st setting)
  21. Sehnsucht (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt): Sehnsucht (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt), D. 310b
  22. Mignon (Kennst du das Land?): Mignon (Kennst du das Land?), D. 321