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George Dyson: St. Paul’s Voyage to Melita. Agincourt. Premier Recordings



Top quality and expertly crafted, these two works show Dyson’s love for words and voices. Linking these two major premier recordings, is a little gem — “The Nocturne” from Dyson’s Oratorio/Cantata ‘Quo Vadis’.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Neil Mackie – Tenor †
Vernon Handley – Conductor

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal College of Music Chamber Choir
Jane Watts – Organ
Osian Ellis – Harp
Sir David Willcocks – Conductor

“How has this wonderful music – St. Paul’s Voyage to Melita & Agincourt – escaped the recording studio until now? Another feather, then, in the cap of SOMM, the independent record company, that continues to grow in value and importance”. British Music Society Journal

On This Recording

  1. St Paul’s Voyage to Melita: St Paul's Voyage to Melita
  2. Quo Vadis: Quo Vadis: IV. Night hath no wings
  3. Agincourt