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Handel: Complete Sonatas & Works for Violin and Continuo


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 068
Release Date: 2007-12-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871306820
Liner Notes

This enjoyable new recording is the third in SOMM’s continuing collaboration with the London Handel Players.

The CD has something new and unique to offer. Adrian Butterfield writer of the CD booklet notes and the principal artist on this CD writes:- “The idea that a new recording of Handel’s violin sonatas might contain works written only by Handel may not seem to be a particularly revolutionary concept. And yet this recording will be the first to achieve this … for there has been a fog of confusion shrouding Handel’s chamber music since it was written in the first half of the 18th century …”London Handel Players

Adrian Butterfield – Violin
Katherine Sharman – Cello
Laurence Cummings – Harpsichord

The players bring together a wealth of experience as performers and recording artists and their two recent recordings for SOMM(Handel’s Op.5 trio Sonatas on SOMMCD 044 and “Handel at Home” SOMMCD 055) have been highly acclaimed.

On This Recording

  1. Violin Sonata: I. Larghetto
  2. Violin Sonata: II. Allegro
  3. Violin Sonata: III. Adagio
  4. Violin Sonata: IV. Allegro
  5. Violin Sonata No. 7: I. Affettuoso
  6. Violin Sonata No. 7: II. Allegro
  7. Violin Sonata No. 7: III. Larghetto
  8. Violin Sonata No. 7: IV. Allegro
  9. Allegro: Allegro in G Major, HWV 407
  10. Violin Sonata: I. Larghetto
  11. Violin Sonata: II. Allegro
  12. Violin Sonata: III. Adagio
  13. Violin Sonata: IV. Allegro
  14. Flute Sonata: I. Largo
  15. Flute Sonata: II. Vivace
  16. Flute Sonata: III. Furioso
  17. Flute Sonata: IV. Adagio
  18. Flute Sonata: V. Alla breve
  19. Flute Sonata: VI. Andante
  20. Flute Sonata: VII. A tempo di menuet
  21. Flute Sonata: Flute Sonata in B Minor, Op. 1, No. 9, HWV 367a: VI. Andante (alternative version) (arr. for violin and continuo)
  22. Fantasia: Fantasia in A Major, HWV 406
  23. Il Trionfo del Tempo e della Verita (The Triumph of Time and Truth): Il Trionfo del Tempo e della Verita (The Triumph of Time and Truth), HWV 46b: Sonatina in A Major (arr. violin and continuo)
  24. Violin Sonata: I. Grave
  25. Violin Sonata: II. Allegro
  26. Violin Sonata: III. Adagio
  27. Violin Sonata: IV. Allegro
  28. : Andante in A Minor, HWV 412
  29. Allegro: Allegro in C Minor, HWV 408
  30. Violin Sonata: I. Allegro
  31. Violin Sonata: II. Adagio
  32. Violin Sonata: III. Allegro