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Handel, Trio Sonatas Opus 2


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 084
Release Date: 2009-03-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871308428
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Liner Notes

A companion disc to Joshua. The Op. 2 Trio Sonatas is the fourth disc in SOMM’s successful collaboration with the London Handel Players and flautist Rachel Brown.

Rachel Brown – Flute
London Handel Players

Since making their debut at Handel’s parish church, St. George’s Hanover Square, as part of the London Handel Festival 2000, the London Handel Players have given concerts across the UK, Europe and North America collaborating regularly with singers such as Emma Kirkby, James Bowman and Daniel Taylor. The members of the group are principal players of the London Handel Orchestra, pursue busy solo and directing careers, work with many of the major early-instrument ensembles in the UK and abroad and are professors at the conservatoires in London. They bring together a wealth of recording experience and their two recent recordings, the first of Handel’s Op. 5 trio sonatas and the second entitled “Handel at Home”, both for SOMM, have been highly acclaimed.

Recent highlights include concerts at various UK festivals with Emma Kirkby, appearances at festivals in Canada, Romania and Ireland and the group’s debuts at the Wigmore Hall last April and at the Goettingen Handel Festival in May.

“I find all the performances well-nigh perfect… the music is absolutely gorgeous”.
Piers Burton-Page, International Record Review (Handel Trio Sonatas Op. 5 SOMMCD 044).

“This extremely attractive release is sure to find a wide audience; it’s as much fun as it is beautiful”. Robert Levett, International Record Review (“Handel at Home” SOMMCD 055)

“Their consummate musicianship is consistently delightful”. David Vickers, Gramophone Magazine (“Handel at Home”)

“This review could be reduced to just three words: ‘Buy this recording’”. Robert Bigio, Pan (“Handel at Home”).

On This Recording

  1. Trio Sonata: I. Andante
  2. Trio Sonata: II. Allegro ma non troppo
  3. Trio Sonata: III. Largo
  4. Trio Sonata: IV. Allegro
  5. Trio Sonata: I. Andante
  6. Trio Sonata: II. Allegro
  7. Trio Sonata: III. Largo
  8. Trio Sonata: IV. Allegro
  9. Trio Sonata: I. Andante
  10. Trio Sonata: II. Allegro
  11. Trio Sonata: III. Larghetto
  12. Trio Sonata: IV. Allegro
  13. Trio Sonata: I. Larghetto
  14. Trio Sonata: II. Allegro
  15. Trio Sonata: III. Adagio
  16. Trio Sonata: IV. Allegro
  17. Trio Sonata: V. Allegro
  18. Trio Sonata: I. Larghetto
  19. Trio Sonata: II. Allegro
  20. Trio Sonata: III. Adagio
  21. Trio Sonata: IV. Allegro
  22. Trio Sonata: I. Andante
  23. Trio Sonata: II. Allegro
  24. Trio Sonata: III. Arioso
  25. Trio Sonata: IV. Allegro