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Jenkins: Consort Music


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 217
Release Date: 1998-08-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871321724
Liner Notes

Trios and Fantasias by ‘The Most Excellent Composer
Mr. John Jenkins’. Premier Recordings

John Jenkins is probably the most prolific English composer of the entire 17th century. His music can be marvellously light, but at the same time extraordinarily detailed and occasionally virtuosic. The Apollo Consort are highly skilled, but also able to abandon themselves into the music.

Apollo Consort
William Thorpe – Violin
Margaret Richards, Imogen Seth-Smith – Viols
Laurence Cummings – Organ

“Jenkins is probably the finest English composer for instruments of the mid-seventeenth century, so this recording which mixes stunning divisions for two bass viols with fantasias and suites for a trio of violin and two basses(with organ) promises well. The Apollo Consort’s playing is rhythmically alive and their sound is intimate, with the fast divisions deftly executed.” – The Gramophone

On This Recording

  1. Fantasia-suite: I. Fantasia
  2. Fantasia-suite: II. Almain
  3. Fantasia-suite: III. Corant
  4. Suite: III. Almaine
  5. Suite: IV. Curanto
  6. Suite: VI. Saraband
  7. Suite: VII. The Pleasing Slumber
  8. Fancy and Ayre: Fantasia
  9. Fancy and Ayre: Ayre
  10. Fantasia: Fantasia in D Minor
  11. Aria: Aria in A Major
  12. Fantasia Suite: I. Fantasia
  13. Fantasia Suite: II. Almain
  14. Fantasia Suite: III. Corant
  15. Divisions: Divisions in G Minor
  16. Fantasia a 3: Fantasia a 3 in G Minor
  17. Fantasia a 3: Fantasia a 3 in A Minor
  18. Divisions: Divisions in A Major
  19. Suite: I. Aire pasionetta
  20. Suite: II. Almaine
  21. Suite: III. Coranto
  22. Suite: IV. Saraband
  23. Fantasia-Suite No. 7: I. Fantasia
  24. Fantasia-Suite No. 7: II. Almain
  25. Fantasia-Suite No. 7: III. Corant