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‘Orphans & Virtuosos’ Sacred Music by Nicola Porpora (1686-1768)


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 232
Release Date: 2003-03-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871223226
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Composers: ,
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Liner Notes

These fabulous recordings of Sacred Music by the 18th-century composer Nicola Porpera are performed on this disc by the Italian Ensemble Cappella Teatina, countertenor Michele Andalò and directed by organist, harpsichordist and musicologist Saverio Villa.

Cappella Teatina
Saverio Villa – Director
Michele Andalò – Countertenor

This Sacred Music was recorded specially for SOMM in the Church of S. Girolamo, Bologna, Italy, and augurs the start of a remarkable collaboration in which the Ensemble will be researching and recording the instrumental and vocal music of Italian masters of the 18th century in a series of premier recordings.

On This Recording

  1. Salve Regina
  2. Salve Regina: Ad te clamamus
  3. Salve Regina: Ad te suspiramus
  4. Salve Regina: Eia ergo, advocata nostra
  5. Salve Regina: Illos tuos misericordes
  6. Salve Regina: O clemens, o pia
  7. Sinfonia da camera: I. Adagio
  8. Sinfonia da camera: II. Allegro
  9. Sinfonia da camera: III. Affettuoso
  10. Sinfonia da camera: IV. Allegro non troppo
  11. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Vau: Lento
  12. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Et egressus est: Allegretto
  13. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Zain
  14. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Recordata est: Adagio - Allegretto
  15. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Heth: Moderato
  16. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Peccatum peccavit: Lento
  17. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Teth: Moderato
  18. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Sordes ejus: Allegro - Andante
  19. Lamentazione II del Mercoledi: Jerusalem convertere: Lento
  20. Sinfonia da camera: I. Affettuoso
  21. Sinfonia da camera: II. Allegro
  22. Sinfonia da camera: III. Adagio
  23. Sinfonia da camera: IV. Giga: Allegro