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Penelope Thwaites: Ride! Ride!


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 017
Release Date: 01/08/2000
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871201729
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Composers: , , ,
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Liner Notes

New Concert Version of the Musical

SOMMCD 017 – The new concert version of the Thornhill/Thwaites musical “Ride! Ride!”. With witty dialogue and a memorable score, the musical is based on the true story of eighteen-year-old Martha Thompson’s incarceration in Bedlam. Spectacular and great fun!

Keith Michell as John Wesley
Book & Lyrics by Alan Thornhill
Music by Penelope Thwaites
Catherine Harvey, Della Jones, Stephen Varcoe, Bruce Graham, Maureen Keetch
Sharon-Elizabeth Ellis, Mark Brummitt & Company

Overture 1, He’s Just a Little Man, Riding Song 1, London Town, The Garden of England, Say What You Mean, The Traveller’s Blessing, and many other unforgettable songs.

“One of the most astonishing theatrical events we are likely to see this year” -Guardian critic on the occasion of the musical’s opening in 1976 in London’s Westminster Theatre.

On This Recording

  1. Ride! Ride!: Overture
  2. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Have you heard? (Burgoyne Fish, Mrs. Whitehead, Chorus)
  3. Ride! Ride!: Act I: He's just a little man (Martha, Mrs. Whitehead, Burgoyne Fish, Chorus)
  4. Ride! Ride!: Act I: I am now in my 87th year (Wesley, Chorus)
  5. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Deep in the blackness of the earth (Mrs. Whitehead)
  6. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Sweet William and gingerbread animals (Audrey, Eel Seller, Bonnet Seller, Coal Seller, Nutseller, Blind Woman, Children, Prostitutes, Gin Seller)
  7. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Welcome to London, pretty girl (Audrey, Sam, Mob, Gentry, Prostitutes, Chorus)
  8. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Where can I turn? (Martha)
  9. Ride! Ride!: Act I: The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on high (Chorus)
  10. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Brothers and sisters, let me tell you something about God (Wesley)
  11. Ride! Ride!: Act I: Have mercy, Lord have mercy (Audrey, Chorus, Wesley)
  12. Ride! Ride!: Act I: He's a mountebank (The Rev. Henry Hobart)
  13. Ride! Ride!: Act I: No one has ever treated me like this before, why me? (Martha)
  14. Ride! Ride!: Act II: Overture - Dear Brothers, I am grieved to learn of your sorry condition after the meeting yesterday (Charles, Wesley)
  15. Ride! Ride!: Act II: He knows my name! (Martha)
  16. Ride! Ride!: Act II: When the ancient prophet Moses was descending from the mountain (The Rev. Henry Hobart, Dr. Crankshaw, Mrs. Crankshaw)
  17. Ride! Ride!: Act II: A nice little change of air, Out with a carriage and pair (Mrs. Crankshaw, The Rev. Henry Hobart, Dr. Crankshaw)
  18. Ride! Ride!: Act II: Say what you mean, Brother (Wesley, Will, Chorus)
  19. Ride! Ride!: Act II: He calls us one by one (Charles)
  20. Ride! Ride!: Act II: Let the enemies of the Lord be scattered (Will, Chorus)
  21. Ride! Ride!: Act II: Get in there, Audrey, and it's more than you deserve! (Sam, Martha, Audrey)
  22. Ride! Ride!: Act II: What thou hast done i know not no (Wesley)
  23. Ride! Ride!: Act II: He's riding, riding, riding (Charles)
  24. Ride! Ride!: Act II: From the enemies of the Lord, Preserve him! (Mrs. Whitehead, Chorus)
  25. Ride! Ride!: Act II: Ride Out