Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Severn & Somme



This new release affords the listener a brief but fascinating glimpse into the life and work of Ivor Gurney, his friends and fellow composers as well as the poets whose work inspired him to set to music songs of great sensitivity and originality. The title of this CD has been inspired by Gurney’s poetry – Severn & Somme being the first volume to be published.

Roderick Williams – Baritone
Susie Allan – Piano

A hugely enjoyable CD of great musical charm.

On This Recording

  1. On your midnight pallet
  2. Dearest, when I am dead
  3. Edward, Edward
  4. Dreams of the sea
  5. In Flanders
  6. Severn Meadows
  7. Dinny Hill
  8. Captain Stratton's Fancy
  9. Red roses
  10. Song of Silence
  11. The white cascade
  12. The folly of being comforted
  13. Desire in Spring
  14. Walking Song
  15. Lights Out: Lights Out: No. 4. Lights Out
  16. Black Stitchel
  17. Western Sailors
  18. Goddess of night
  19. The Beacon: No. 1. On Painswick Beacon
  20. The Beacon: No. 3. Cotswold Choice
  21. The empty cottage
  22. Anthem for doomed youth
  23. Midnight Lamentation: Midnight Lamentation, Op. 6
  24. A Kiss: A Kiss, Op. 15
  25. Flying Crooked: 2 Songs, Op. 28: No. 1. Flying Crooked
  26. Easter Song: Easter Song, Op. 16