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The Beecham Collection: G. F. Handel – Solomon


Catalogue No: SOMM-BEECHAM 17-2
Release Date: 2004-04-01
Number of Discs: 2
EAN/UPC: 7488712517246
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Composers: , ,
Genre: ,
Liner Notes

“If proof were needed that there is abundant life and beauty in most of Handel’s oratorios, it is to be found here in this truly wonderful performance of Solomon.” The Gramophone, Nov. 1956

Beecham Choral Society, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

John Cameron, Solomon, baritone
Alexander Young, Zadok, The High Priest, tenor
Elsie Morison, Queen.Pharaoh’s Daughter/Peasant Girl, soprano
Lois Marshall, Nicaule, Queen of Sheba, soprano

Sir Thomas wrote of Handel: “Since his time mankind has heard no music written for voice which can even feebly rival his for grandeur of build and tone, nobility and tenderness of melody, scholastic skill and ingenuity, and inexhaustible variety of effect.”

Released in collaboration with the Sir Thomas Beecham Trust in support of the Scholarship Fund.

On This Recording

  1. Solomon: Part I: Overture
  2. Solomon: Part I: Air and Chorus: Music, spread thy voice around (Solomon, Chorus)
  3. Solomon: Part I: Accompagnato: Almighty pow'r, who rul'st! (Solomon)
  4. Solomon: Part I: With pious hearts and holy tongue (Chorus of Priests)
  5. Solomon: Part I: Draw the tear from hopeless love (Chorus)
  6. Solomon: Part I: Air: Sacred raptures cheer my breast (Zadok)
  7. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Bless'd be the Lord (Solomon)
  8. Solomon: Part I: Air: What tho' I trace each herb and flow'r (Solomon)
  9. Solomon: Part I: Air: Bless'd the day when first my eyes (Queen)
  10. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Thou fair inhabitant of Nile - Oh Monarch! with each virtue bless'd (Solomon, Queen)
  11. Solomon: Part I: Duet: Welcome as the dawn of day (Solomon, Queen)
  12. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: When thou art absent from my sight (Queen)
  13. Solomon: Part I: Air: With thee th'unshelter'd moor I tread (Queen)
  14. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: My blooming fair, come, come away (Solomon)
  15. Solomon: Part I: May no rash intruder disturb their soft hours (Chorus)
  16. Solomon: Part I: Sinfonia, "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba"
  17. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: From Arabia's spicy shores (Queen of Sheba, Solomon)
  18. Solomon: Part I: Air: Ev'ry sight these eyes behold (Queen of Sheba)
  19. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Sweep, sweep the string (Solomon)
  20. Solomon: Part I: Your harps and cymbals sound (Chorus of Priests)
  21. Solomon: Part I: Air and Chorus: Now a diff'rent measure try - Shake the dome, and pierce the sky (Solomon, Chorus)
  22. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Then at once from rage remove (Solomon)
  23. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Imperial Solomon, thy pray'rs are heard (Zadok)
  24. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Next the tortur'd soul release (Solomon)
  25. Solomon: Part I: Air and Chorus: Thus rolling surges rise (Solomon)
  26. Solomon: Part I: Recitative: Thy Harmony's divine, great King! (Queen of Sheba)
  27. Solomon: Part I: From the censer curling rise (Chorus)
  28. Solomon: Part II: From the east unto the west (Chorus of Israelites)
  29. Solomon: Part II: Recitative: Thrice happy king, to have achiev'd (Zadok)
  30. Solomon: Part II: Air: Golden columns, fair and bright (Zadok)
  31. Solomon: Part II: Air: Beneath the vine, or fig-tree's shade (First Harlot)
  32. Solomon: Part II: Gold now is common on our happy shores (Solomon)
  33. Solomon: Part II: Air: How green our fertile pastures look (Solomon)
  34. Solomon: Part II: Swell, swell the full chorus (Chorus of Priests)
  35. Solomon: Part II: Recitative: May peace in Salem ever dwell (Queen of Sheba)
  36. Solomon: Part II: Air: Will the sun forget to streak (Queen of Sheba)
  37. Solomon: Part II: Recitative: Adieu, fair queen (Solomon)
  38. Solomon: Part II: Praise the Lord with harp and tongue (Chorus)