Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

SOMM Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

SOMM 25th Anniversary

Founding SOMM in 1995 felt like a kind of homecoming after a long and fascinating journey through music study and performance, family life and the record industry, all closely interwoven. The SOMM logo of acorns leaves and acorns symbolises strength, the acorn being the seed of the mighty oak. My late husband Keith drew it free-hand as a light-hearted pun on our North Devonian surname ‘Oke’, and thus began SOMM.  

Long years of work as a recording producer and music manager guided my first halting steps while I navigated gingerly through several highs and lows. I am sometimes asked what has contributed to the success of SOMM and I think the answer is simple. I have an immensely supportive team who share the same work ethos, enthusiasm, and passion for discovering and promoting new music to the highest professional level. SOMM is well known for supporting and nurturing its artists, helping them to achieve their potential and fulfil their talent. Our ethos is a constant search for new, exciting repertoire through the ages as our 250-odd recordings bear ample witness. Our ambition is for SOMM to be the “go-to” label for the music lover who shares our sense of adventure and discovery. We look forward to the next 25 years. May they prove as interesting, productive and exciting as the last.

—Siva Oke, SOMM Recordings, January 2020

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    Available on 20 October, 2023.
  • Total Eclipse: Handel at Home, Vol. 2
    Available on 20 October, 2023.
  • John Carol Case Centenary Tribute: Winterreise
  • Cascade
  • Stephen Dodgson: The Distances Between: Songs, Volume Two
  • Medtner in England
  • Penelope Thwaites: Gardens, Fables, Prisons, Dreams
  • Mahler Pioneers
  • Stimme der Liebe (The Voice of Love)

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