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Gramophone Reviews Peter Donohoe’s Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. Two

Peter Donohoe’s Mozart Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2 Reviewed in Gramophone‘s September 2019 Issue

“[Peter Donohoe] and SOMM’s recording team return to the Birmingham Conservatoire and to a Bechstein piano that sounds ideal in this music — beatuifully sonorous… Donohoe takes each work at face value, keeping shifts of tempo and impromptu ornamentation to a minimum but still playing with the sensitivity that was palpable in Vol. 1. … You can tell he particularly enjoys those moments during which the music is at its mst ‘fingery’ — for a pianist who has played the likes of Prokofiev at the highest level for so long, a delight in strings of semiquavers is no surprise, and he purrs through passages that can so often otherwise sound effortful. … it’s very much to our benefit that a pianist of his personality and musicianship has chosen to engage with [this repertoire] with such seriousness of purpose.”

—David Threasher, Gramophone Magazine

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