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Parry Vol. 3 is Sarah Fox and Roderick Williams at the Top of their Game

Gramophone Magazine Reviews Sir Hubert Parry: Twelve Sets of English Lyrics, Vol. 3

“Gems abound on this third and final volume in what has been a most enterprising survey, and I’m happy to report that, as on previous instalments, Sarah Fox and Roderick Williams are at the top of their game throughout. … We are offered no fewer than nine settings of poems by Parry’s fellow student at Eton College and Oxford University, John Sturgis (1848-1904), perhaps the most powerful of which comprises ‘Through the ivory gate’ from Set 3, its dialogue between the dreaming narrator and ghost of a young friend brought to life with touching conviction by Roderick Williams and his excellent accompanist Andrew West (who contributes splendidly throughout, by the way). … Don’t overlook, either, Set 8’s devastatingly poignant ‘Looking backward’ and evocative ‘Nightfall in Winter’, let alone the sublime ‘From a City Window’ from Set 10 (surely one of Parry’s most enduring creations). So a joy from start to finish. Jeremy Dibble provides a customarily sage booklet-essay and the sound is commendably truthful to boot. Followers of this valuable series can acquire with confidence.”

—Andrew Achenbach, Gramophone Magazine

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