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Handel: The Occasional Songs


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 226
Release Date: 2001-01-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871222625
Artists: , , , ,
Composers: , , , , , , ,
Liner Notes

This delightful disc consists of a small and little-known repertory of Handel songs written between 1707 and 1740 that are complete in themselves and not elements of his larger works – full of charm and ingenuity.

Emma Kirkby – Soprano
Charles Daniels – Baritone
David Miller – Archlute/Theorbo
Katherine Sharman – Cello
Paul Nicholson – Director/Harpsichord
Adrian Butterfield, William Thorp – Violins
Andrew Carwood, Simon Davies – Tenors

On This Recording

  1. Sans y penser: Chanson: Sans y penser (Silvie)
  2. Sans y penser: Recitatif: S'il ne falloit que bien aimer pour attendrir (Tirsis)
  3. Sans y penser: Air: Petite fleur brunette (Tirsis)
  4. Sans y penser: Recitatif: Vous, qui m'aviez procure une amour eternelle (Tirsis)
  5. Sans y penser: Air: Nos plaisirs seront peudurables (Silvie)
  6. Sans y penser: Recitatif: Vous ne sauriez flatter ma peine (Silvie)
  7. Sans y penser: Air: Non, non, je ne puis plus souffrir (Tirsis)
  8. 2 Songs: No. 1. Sans y penser
  9. 2 Songs: No. 2. Quand on suit l'amoureuse loi
  10. Der Mund spricht zwar gezwungen Nein
  11. No se emendara jamas: No se emendara jamas, HWV 140, "Cantata spagnuola": Aria: Dicente mis ojos
  12. The Dream: The Dream, "Beneath a Shady Willow"
  13. The Beauteous Cloe: The Beauteous Cloe, "Cloe, you're witty"
  14. Di godere ha speranza il mio core: Di godere ha speranza il mio core, HWV 228
  15. 24 English Songs: 24 English Songs, HWV 228: No. 14. Oh! cruel tyrant love (Strephon's Complaint of Love)
  16. Minuet: Minuet in G Major, HWV 530
  17. Minuet: Minuet in G Minor, HWV 543
  18. 24 English Songs: No. 23. Ye winds to whom Collin complains (An Answer to Collin's Complaint)
  19. 24 English Songs: No. 2. The sun was sunk beneath the hill (The Poor [Despairing] Shepherd)
  20. Minuet: Minuet in D Major, HWV 506
  21. Minuet: Minuet in A Major, HWV 15, No. 7
  22. 24 English Songs: No. 24. Yes, I'm in love (The Je ne scai quoi)
  23. 24 English Songs: No. 1. As Celia's fatal arrows (The Unhappy Lovers)
  24. 24 English Songs: No. 15. Says my uncle, I pray you discover (Molly Mog, or the Fair Maid of the Inn)
  25. 24 English Songs: No. 19. Twas when the seas were roaring (The Melancholy Nymph [The Faithful Maid])
  26. 24 English Songs: No. 11. I like the amorous youth that's free
  27. Love's but the frailty of the mind: Love's but the frailty of the mind, HWV 218
  28. The morning is charming (Hunting Song): The morning is charming (Hunting Song), HWV 226
  29. 24 English Songs: 24 English Songs, HWV 228: No. 8. Stand round my brave boys (A Song made for the Gentleman Volunteers of the City of London)
  30. March: March in G Major, HWV 418
  31. 24 English Songs: 24 English Songs, HWV 228: No. 9. From scourging rebellion (A Song on the Victory obtained over the Rebels)