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The Choral Music of Huw Spratling


Catalogue No: SOMMCD 206
Release Date: 1996-02-01
Number of Discs: 1
EAN/UPC: 748871220621
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Composers: , , ,
Genre: ,
Liner Notes

Spratling is as yet relatively unknown, but rapidly becoming well received. The Harp Sonatina is typical of the impressive, lyrical and romantic nature of these pieces.The Gloria of the Mass of the Holy Spirit is terrific.

S Bullock, T Chadwell – Sopranos
J Dyball – Harp
J Hatton – Organ
Parnassus ENS
English Harmony Choir
J Rennert – Conductor

“His music is religious in impulse, but intense and sensuous throughout. All credit to SOMM for releasing this disc” – Sunday Telegraph
“Great beauty and a heart-rending clarity of tone from Tracey Chadwell” – The Singer

On This Recording

  1. Mass of the Holy Spirit: Kyrie
  2. Mass of the Holy Spirit: Gloria
  3. Mass of the Holy Spirit: Sanctus
  4. Mass of the Holy Spirit: Benedictus
  5. Mass of the Holy Spirit: Agnus Dei
  6. O salutaris hostia: O salutaris hostia, Op. 19b
  7. Tantum ergo: Tantum ergo, Op. 19c
  8. Sinfonietta: Sinfonietta, Op. 37
  9. Harp Sonatina
  10. O magnum mysterium: O magnum mysterium, Op. 25a
  11. In paradisum: In paradisum, Op. 25a