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Serebrier Conducts Granados



2018 Latin GRAMMY® Award Nominee – Best Classical Album

This delightful disc of Spanish music arranged for strings and celebrating the 150th anniversary of Enrique Granados, was recorded by legendary conductor José Serebrier and Concerto Málaga String Orchestra founded in 1996. The orchestra is now one of the foremost ensembles in Spain, best known for its dedicated research into string repertoire ranging from the 17th century onwards. Their recording pays tribute to one of Spain’s most important composers, Enrique Granados and also includes works by Granados’s contemporaries and successors who played active roles in promoting Barcelona’s and Madrid's musical life in the middle of the 19th century.

Over a century after his tragic death, Granados’s music continues to entertain and inspire performers and listeners the world over. He spent his entire life in Barcelona and contributed to its musical life as a pianist, composer, teacher, conductor, and concert organiser. He was thus not only a true champion of Spanish music but he was also a leading figure in the Catalan movement known as modernisme which was on display in much of Barcelona’s architecture from around 1900. Granados’s best-known collection of 12 Danzas españolas was premiered in Barcelona in 1889. No. 5, Andaluza, transports us to the south of Spain with its suggestion of an impassioned song supported by an energetic guitar accompaniment. Oriental (No. 2) is an all-purpose adjective that suggests anything associated with Andalusia or the Middle East. The Intermezzo from his opera Goyescas and the hauntingly beautiful Pequeña Romanza are eloquent examples of his broad stylistic range. FranciscoTárrega (Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Grand Vals) made his career in Barcelona as virtuoso guitarist and prolific composer. Eduard Toldrà represented here by his poetic Nocturno was at the forefront of Barcelona’s musical life as well as the founder of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. Joaquim Malats (Serenata Española) was one of the great piano virtuosos of his day, much admired by Albéniz. The latter’s celebrated Tango and Mallorca together with other evocative examples of works by Ruperto Chapí, Enrique Morera, de Monasterio and Lamote de Grignon complete a disc which captures the rhythmic vivacity and glorious lyricism of Spanish folk music.

On This Recording

  1. Enric Granados - Andaluza, from Danzas Españolas, Op. 37 No. 5 (1892/1900), arr. Fran Farago
  2. Enric Granados - Oriental, from Danzas Españolas, Op. 37 No. 2 (1892/1900), arr. Ken Abeling
  3. Enric Granados - Pequeña Romanza for string quartet, H.107 (1912), (string orchestra version)
  4. Enric Granados - El Himno de los Muertos, H. 67 (1897), arr. Eduardo López-Chávarri
  5. Enric Granados - Intermezzo from the opera Goyescas, H. 71 (1915) , arr. José Luis Turina
  6. Francisco Tárrega - Recuerdos de la Alhambra, (1896,) arr. Klas Krantz
  7. Francisco Tárrega - Gran Vals (Grande Valse) (1902), arr. Victor Yélamo
  8. Eduard Toldrà - Nocturno, from Vistas al Mar, Evocaciones Poéticas, (1921)
  9. Joaquim Malats - Serenata Española, from Impresiones de España (1896), (string orchestra version)
  10. Ruperto Chapí - Nocturno, from the zarzuela El Rey que Rabió (1891)
  11. Enric Morera - Desolació
  12. Jesús de Monasterio - Andante Religioso for strings (1872)
  13. Jesús de Monasterio - Andantino Expresivo for strings (1881)
  14. Isaac Albéniz - Tango, Op. 165 No. 2 (1890), arr. Scott J. Roudebush
  15. Isaac Albéniz - Mallorca, Op. 202 (1890) , arr. Werner Thomas-Mifune/Carlos Picazo
  16. Ricard Lamote de Grignon - Lento Expresivo for string orchestra